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My Approach


Executive Leadership Coaching and Professional Development Services

As a coach, my approach to work is grounded in awareness, love, and empowerment. I am committed to advocating for and guiding my clients on their path to achieving leadership success. My passion for coaching is genuine and driven by the satisfaction of witnessing my clients attain their most cherished goals.


Drawing on my diverse background in academia and science administration, I help individuals cultivate their potential and abilities. I support clients in developing progressive mindsets and discovering the tools to unlock their full potential.

Professional experience

As a scientist with experience in both academic and non-academic fields, I have had the privilege of helping fellow scientists navigate their transition into leadership positions. Along the way, I have developed effective strategies that I am excited to share with you.


Tailored guidance

I hold the belief that there are no universal solutions that can cater to everyone's needs. Therefore, I provide tailor-made leadership teachings, mindfulness assistance, and transformative perspectives that will empower you to reach new pinnacles in your professional journey.



My coaching approach is informed by years of orchestrating successful results in fast-paced environments with diverse industries and teams. Whatever your particular goals or personality type, I’m here to deliver on your needs.



My dedication lies in improving organizational health and enhancing the happiness and quality of life of managers and their teams. Collaborating with leaders who acknowledge the necessity of change brings me great joy as we work towards achieving superior results collectively.



My strengths lie in my interpersonal abilities and my knack for fostering a constructive work environment. I have observed that my contagious enthusiasm has consistently uplifted my clients, empowering them with greater confidence and optimism through my contributions.


What’s the difference between leadership and management?

People often confuse leadership and management. They may be linked and complementary, but each role requires particular skills. While a manager drives the administration or goals of a project, a leader’s job is to influence and motivate staff by modeling peak performance. Dispirited leaders foster demoralized staff, and I am here to bring the heart back into your role so you can become the inspirational figure you’ve always dreamed of being.

Let's Work Together

If you’d like to overhaul your leadership performance but just don’t know where to start, I can help nurture your ability to shine. Contact me today to learn more and book a consultation that will change your career for the better. 

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